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What does the ROADHEAD EMERGENCY KIT include?

    What does the ROADHEAD EMERGENCY KIT™  include? Each kit includes: Bib (a.k.a Pant Protector) – is worn around the driver’s privates. It protects his pants and underwear from being ruined by unwanted excretions. Spit Cup –not all girls swallow (but boy we wish they did). The spit cup allows her to properly dispose of a mouthful of lovin’. Once filled, we advise folding the top of the cup...

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The Most Embarrassing ROADHEAD Story

The most embarrassing person possible witnessed this girl giving her boyfriend road head. Red the full story here http://uproxx.it/1Neg3UZ 

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NEWS: 'Don't Jerk And Drive' Campaign Pulled

Jerking isn't a joke and they know it. Unfortunately for the South Dakota office of Highway Safety, some people think their new safe-driving campaign around the slogan "don't jerk and drive" was a bad idea. Read full story on HuffingtonPost.com      #DontJerkandDrive

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SALE: "EXIT 69" T-Shirt Now on Sale

The "EXIT 69" T-Shirt is now on sale for $8.00. Expires 12/26/14. Click here to order

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PICTURE: Does Yuko The Clown love ROADHEAD?

Gauging the picture below, we'd say he loves it! Who is Yuko the Clown?  Click here to find out

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Look for the new CAUTION-- SLIPPERY ROADHEAD signs in your neighborhood.   

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PICTURE: Huge "I LOVE ROADHEAD" Sticker in Time Square

It's official!  Our sticker is now in Time Square!     April Fools!

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Welcome to I LOVE ROADHEAD.com

Here at I LOVE ROADHEAD, we specialize in humurous, edgy, funny t-shirt designs. We started this company in 2003 in a fraternity house, and within the same year managed to land a product deal with Spencer Gifts. It didn't take long for our "I LOVE ROADHEAD" bumper sticker to be the most popular sticker in America!  In 2007, we were asked to host our own radio show about ROADHEAD for Howard Stern on Sirius satellite radio.    ...

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