August 17 2003 Sunday at 09:11 PM

Welcome to I LOVE

Here at I LOVE ROADHEAD, we specialize in humurous, edgy, funny t-shirt designs. We started this company in 2003 in a fraternity house, and within the same year managed to land a product deal with Spencer Gifts. It didn't take long for our "I LOVE ROADHEAD" bumper sticker to be the most popular sticker in America!  In 2007, we were asked to host our own radio show about ROADHEAD for Howard Stern on Sirius satellite radio.  


Our Shirts:

The idea for 69% of the hilarious designs you see on our site came to us while driving on the road. You gotta love those long road trips!  



We want to thank all of our hilarious and unique customers who keep us in business, and keep us motivated.