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National BJ Day - February 10th (2/10)

Celebrated on February 10th, National BJ Day is a holiday for men, celebrated exactly four days before Valentine's Day -- a holiday for women.  

What is significant about February 10th (2/10) date?  Well it's simple, 2 = B and 10 = J in the alphabet.

Also, it's exactly four days before Valentines Day which means that if a woman wants to get a great V-day gift, then she better give her man a BJ on 2/10 because that's enough time for him to go online, buy a nice gift (jewelry, purse, clothes) and have it delivered before 2/14.

Guys need reminders! So giving him a BJ on 2/10 will remind him to get you a nice gift for Valentines Day. 

Is National BJ Day the same as Steak and DJ Day?  No. March 14th, one month after Valentine’s Day, is the official date for Steak and BJ Day. The concept for this other holiday is similar. If a man makes his woman feel special on Valentine’s Day, then she will make him feel special one month later.




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