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Bib (a.k.a Pant Protector) – is worn around the driver’s privates. It protects his pants and underwear from being ruined by unwanted excretions.
Spit Cup –not all girls swallow (but boy we wish they did). The spit cup allows her to properly dispose of a mouthful of lovin’. Once filled, we advise folding the top of the cup to prevent the contents from spilling onto your cars interior. It holds up to 4 oz. of.......you know what.
Breath Mint – unless your middle name is “Snow Ball”, no guy wants to taste his own privates. This mint will make any girl’s mouth taste so fresh and so clean.   
Cleansing Wipe – Oh, what a mess! Don’t worry. This cleansing wipe can get you out of any “sticky” situation. It is most effective if used around the chin, mouth, and crotch area. Dries in seconds.

All the contents come in 5” x 3.5” x 1" cleverly designed box that will make anyone laugh and it fits perfectly in the glove compartment. Instructions are included on the back of the box. However, failure to follow instructions may cause serious “head” injury.

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